Anthony de dia trabalha como programador em Boston e de noite é um talentoso artista que trabalha com sons e canções, através de instrumentos criados por software que acompanham a sua guitarra e voz. A sua música sintetiza o post-punk psicadélico misturado com um pouco de jazz. Considera-se um verdadeiro Frankenstein que com as suas programações de som, faz reviver o passado numa fina linha entre a emoção e a razão. Mais do que as suas intenções Anthony Parks traz algo que não sei explicar, uma sonoridade constante e empática que nos faz criar uma espécie de vontade de conhecer mais e mais.

anthony parks is a songwriter and sound programmer in the greater boston
area. by day he works as an audio software test automation engineer,
and at night he works on songs and sounds, working with software
instruments and effects, drum machines, sampling and re-sampling,
guitar, and voice. his music synthesizes post-punk, psychedelia, jazz
and tropicalia, and electronica, making creative use of effects and
emulations of old media like cassettes and vhs to resurrect the past.
lyrically his work has tackled the tensions between reality and
romanticism, emotion and reason, the past and the future.

he holds a phd in architectural acoustics from rensselaer polytechnic
institute, and a b.a. in physics from vassar college. his formal musical
training was on clarinet and bassoon, which he took seriously enough to
be able to perform in carnegie hall at age 18 with the metropolitan
youth orchestra, and performed chamber music and in the orchestra at
vassar college. he played guitar in the short lived black metal band
stormking, fronted the equally short lived panthyon and thee ark, and
has made solo albums annually since 2009.

magneto is a collection of home studio experiments.
what does it sound like? while influenced by far more polished sounding
acts like AIR, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Stereolab, Elliott Smith,
Ariel Pink…it is invariably a homemade and DIY sounding affair,
sounding a bit more like 80s deathrock and more post punk sounding stuff
like Robin Hitchcock or Julian Cope. theres even a little Morrissey
vibe in some of the delivery. i stand by my sound and let it evolve with
my interests.

artist statement:

overall, the lyrics are me figuring out how to live and compose outside
my comfort zone. a few songs are attempts musically to be unbridled in
sonic intensity, others are me not being afraid to be sad and confused
without being ashamed of appearing sentimental. writing in particular
has been a way to reconcile various cognitive dissonances in my waking
and dreaming lives, affirm my commitment to loving in spite of the many
intense bouts of growth and discomfort that i feel when showing my true
self to others.


anthony parks – all songs, acoustic guitar, vocals, sampling, softsynths, vsts, ableton.

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